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Lena sitzt auf dem weißen Sessel.png

The Cute One

The first moment you see her, you want to pull Lena into your arms, you want to hold her, protect her, never let go of her. You want to run your fingers through her hair, feel how silky smooth it is. You want to look at her full, sensual lips that hold the promise of sweet words and soft kisses. The thought of falling for her brings a quiet smile to your face. How can someone so delicate and dainty have such incredible powers? 


Lena seems to be dancing across every room, some current carrying her from here to there, the lightest feather, ever touch like an early, shy ray of sun. She sinks onto your lap, a weight you can hardly feel, but a presence that penetrates your skin and touches your core. Her childlike face holds a certain wisdom that you can’t quite figure out. A soul that knows no age. 


This Gemma Girl turns every walk into a flight, together you glide through space, time turns int a concept that holds no truth. Every destination is forgotten, the most marvelous, intricate paths roll out in front of you. Lena is the small, bright star that guides you through. Apart from actual getaways and travels to sunny shores, Lena loves music, joint listening sessions and concert visits. She also has a great fondness for languages. Perhaps you can teach her a new word, or two…? 

23   1.57   brunette   brown eyes   German / English/ Arabic

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