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A photo of an escort girl from the escort agency gemma girls in berlin. The girl is standing frontally to the camera up to below her hips. she is leaning on a table and looking towards the left side. she has brown medium long hair, a french and is slightly smiling. she wears a white short top and a flower patterned skirt. in front of her is a white vase with 2 pink flowers.

The innocent one

Warm sunbeams, a horse and a gentle breeze in her light brown hair. Nora loves to ride, and enjoys every minute in the great outdoors, but she is by no means your typical horse girl.

With her feminine body, bright blue eyes and soft lips, Nora combines innocence with a certain seductive quality.

Whether it’s a relaxed stroll through the countryside, or roller skating through the streets of Berlin, she lives out both sides of her nature with abandon. Which side will you choose? Maybe even both?

Nora’s favourite way to let loose on the dancefloor is by dancing to Salsa, but she will gladly work up a sweat with you to other dances, as well. And Nora isn’t just a dance enthusiast, she also loves to play the guitar. She is generally very creatively talented with an artisanal edge, thanks to her sensual, soft hands.


After a strenuous day, Nora enjoys long nights in bed, and she especially loves the carefree hours of the morning. Wouldn’t you like to keep her company?

29     1.68     dark blond    green eyes    German / English

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