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Fragen ?

  • What does GFE mean?
    GFE is short for Girlfriend Experience or Girlfriend Erotic. We think that people should be able to enjoy affection, intimacy and love without commitment or having to make compromises. We just want you to have a good time with no strings attached. Gemma Girls are your girlfriends for a day, a night, or perhaps even longer. Your dates are little exciting adventures, during which the entire world belongs to you two only. Enjoy each other’s company, enjoy kisses, cuddles, pillow fights, a glass of wine, slow dance, sunsets, and whatever else might come to mind.
  • I'm into a very natural look. What are Gemma Girls like?
    Our girls are all-natural and have that girl-next-door look to them. None of our girls has had any plastic surgery done, nor do any of them wear fake hair, fake tan or fake nails. Some do have a small tattoos or a removable piercing. Just check their comp cards. Gemma Girls are no flawless, nipped and tucked models. They are just very pretty, nice and friendly women. Going on a date, Gemma Girls wear their everyday casual clothes, unless, of course, you request a specific outfit. If you do have an outfit in mind, please send us a chat message, or write us on WhatsApp.
  • I can't find the girls' preferences anywhere. How do I know what to expect?
    Our Gemma Girls offer you an unforgettable girlfriend experience. Meaning you can expect gentle, relaxing moments, sending your body and mind on a sweet vacation. You get to know each other, get closer and talk openly about you fantasies and desires. Your Gemma Girl will gladly help you to discover your true needs and wants. Best think of your date as a little journey of discovery. A date freed from (social) pressure, restraints and coercion. That's why we do not have any comprehensive lists of specific services offered. If you do have a very particular scene in mind or know just what you want, do send us a chat message, or write us on WhatsApp. We do, however, prefer it if you went on your date completely open-minded and willing to try out new things.
  • If I do not know the girls' preferences, how do I choose the right Gemma Girl?
    That's exactly why we have a chat function and are almost always available on WhatsApp (Mo-Fr: 9am-8pm, Sa: 9am-7pm , So: 10am-6pm). Just tell us what kind of person you are, what kind of date you are looking for and if there's anything you would like to try out. Tell us if you are the dominant or submissive kind of guy, if you enjoy massages or cuddles, or if you would perhaps like to just watch one of our Gemma Girls. There's really no reason to be shy about anything, be as open, honest and detailed as you like. We can then recommend you a Gemma Girl whom we think might just be the perfect match.
  • Can I speak to my Gemma Girl before we go on our date?
    You are very welcome to record a voice message on WhatsApp, which we will happily forward to your Gemma Girl. If you're curious what your Gemma Girl sounds like, we can also send you a recording of her voice! And if there's anything you want to let her know in writing, we forward those messages, too. However, we do not share the girls' mobile phone numbers or personal data.
  • Do you also offer introductory dates?
    Yes! If you are not entirely sure if you and your Gemma Girls are the perfect match, you can always meet her for a coffee or a bite to eat first. We think that one hour is plenty of time to get to know each other a bit, see if you two vibe and if there’s perhaps even a little spark. If the chemistry is right, you can always turn a dinner date into a proper date and take your Gemma Girl to your private chambers. Click here to see the honorarium for a dinner date.
  • How about one-hour dates?
    If you want to get to know one of the Gemma Girls before taking her to your hotel room, you can always go on a dinner date first. We do, however, not offer one-hour dates for erotic services only.
  • Can I also go on a date short notice?
    Ideally, you would contact us 12 to 24 hours before you want to go on a date. This gives your Gemma Girl enough time to prepare herself and arrive all nice and relaxed. We do, however, always try to make things work out short notice as well. If you, for example, want to go on a date the very same evening, use the chat or WhatsApp to send us a message. This way, we can get back to you right away!
  • Which information do you need from me before going on a date?
    When planning a date, we need the following information from you: When you want to go on the date (day and time), how long the date should last for approximately, and where you want to meet your Gemma Girl. In case you're staying at a hotel, you will also need to share your room number with us. The more things you then tell us about yourself, the easier it is for us to match you with the perfect Gemma Girl. If you are still a little undecided and do not know which girl you'd like to meet up with, writing a couple of sentences about yourself would be very helpful. Doesn't have to be a novel, just a couple of words about where you are from, what you like to do in your spare time and how you might want to spend your time with your Gemma Girl. Let us know if there's anything that is very important to you, if you already have some experience with escort agencies and what part of the date you are looking forward the most. You can always reach out to us via chat, on WhatsApp, email or call us.
  • Do I have to tell you my real name?
    No. You can be whomever you like and go by any name you can come up with. Just think of a good alias, perhaps a character from your favorite novel or movie. If that feels somehow strange to you, just stick to your real name. We handle all of your personal information very carefully and discreetly.
  • This is my first Gemma date. Do I need to bring anything or somehow prepare myself?
    No, not really. Just be yourself and try to relax a little before you go on your date. And even if you do feel a little nervous: Don’t worry, your Gemma Girl will feel just the same way. Meeting a stranger is exciting, not matter how many times you might have done it before. You don't need to bring anything apart from the envelop with cash – if you choose to pay in cash. Your Gemma Girl will take care of the rest.
  • Can Gemma Girls come to my house/apartment?
    If this is your second or third date, you already know each other a little bit better and if your Gemma Girl agrees, a visit to your place is generally possible. However, we still want to know whom our girls date and where they go. Hence, if you want to welcome your Gemma Girl at your apartment, we will need a copy of your ID or a (partial) advance payment. If it is not your own apartment, but you only rented it for a couple of days/weeks, we will also need the address of the apartment. In case you are staying at a hotel, our Gemma Girls will only meet you in 4- or 5-star ones.
  • Do Gemma Girls travel to other cities?
    Yes, they do! We are currently based in Berlin, but Gemma Girls gladly travel to other cities as well. Here's a list with German cities and the minimum booking time: East Leipzig/Dresden: 4h North Hamburg/Hanover/Kiel: 5h West Bonn/Düsseldorf/Essen/Cologne: 6h Frankfurt a. M/Mainz: 6h South Stuttgart/Karlsruhe: 6h Munich/Augsburg/Nürnberg: 6h Our Girls will also visit you in any other German city, as well as in Austria and Switzerland. Our Girls also travel internationally, just message us. We will surely find a way to make your date work out anyway! Regarding the travel expenses, we do not have any flat rates. We will charge you the exact price of train/air fare for the day of your date.
  • Do you have any specials or packages?
    Yes, we do offer three different date packages! If this is your first date, two packages in particular make planning your date really easy: HERS: You leave it up to your Gemma Girl to plan the date. She picks the restaurant, perhaps a nice rooftop bar or cozy pub, and will safely lead the two of you back to your hotel. Choose this package, and you can sit back and relax. Everything is taken care of. We will of course tell you all the details of the date beforehand and you can always decline our offer or make adjustments. HOTEL: You've had a stressful day and just want to unwind? Your Gemma Girl will gladly visit you in your hotel (4- and 5-star only). Meet her for a drink at the hotel bar and take her to your room and relax together. Listen to some music and relieve all those tensions through a nice massage. If you've already thought the date through and know exactly what you want to do, this package is perfect for you: YOURS: You take over and plan the date according to your preferences and likings. Perhaps you want to take your Gemma Girl to an exquisite wine tasting, a calming evening walk or to a concert of your favorite band? No matter what you might choose, your Gemma Girl will be happy to accompany you to wherever you go.
  • Can I take my Gemma Girl to public events?
    Of course! There’s absolutely no reason to hide beneath bedsheets all day, even though they are ever so lovely and comfortable. Get out of bed, enjoy the sun, explore the city, go to restaurants, bars, exhibitions and concerts! Your Gemma Girl is happy to be on your side, to be shown around or show you around.
  • How about parties and clubs?
    If you are curious about Berlin nightlife, your Gemma Girl will happily take you to Berghain, KitKat or whichever other club you want to explore. If you want, we can also get you on the guestlist, just shoot us a message on WhatsApp, use the chat function or write an email.
  • May I also meet two Gemma Girls at once?
    Yes, of course! Choosing one girl is tough anyway – they are all gorgeous –, so just make it easy on yourself and go for two. Generally speaking, all Gemma Girls get along with each other really well, but if you want a perfectly harmonious combination, just reach out to us; we are happy to give you some advice!
  • Do Gemma Girls meet up with couples?
    Yes, three is a magic number and all Gemma Girls are happy to keep you company. It doesn’t really matter if you are a couple looking for a playmate or two friends who just like to share with each other. Click here to see the honorarium for a couple date. 
  • How does my Gemma Girl spot me?
    Before heading out to go on your date, just send us a quick message and tell us where and how your Gemma Girl can find you. You can tell us, for instance, what kind of shirt you’re wearing or if there’s anything that is particular eye-catching about you, like a colorful blazer. We will of course also tell you what kind of outfit your Gemma Girl will be wearing.
  • Can I somehow extend the date?
    You get along really well, feel like you've met your soulmate and are just not ready to let go of each other? Amazing! You can extend your date at any moment. Spend a wonderful night, wake up next to each other in the morning, have a morning cuddle and breakfast in bed; there's no need to rush. Your Gemma Girl just has to quickly call or text us, the agency, and let us know.
  • How do I pay my Gemma Girl?
    You can either use bank transfer or bring the money in cash to your date. Whichever is more convenient for you. If you decide to bring the money in cash, best place it inside an envelope. It's completely up to you, when you want to hand the envelope to your Gemma Girl. Perhaps you just want to place it at the nightstand at the end of the date, before your Gemma Girl leaves. This might be the most elegant way, especially if this is your first date. Don't be surprised if your Gemma Girl counts the money in front of you, that's common practice.
  • Something came up and I need to cancel the date. Does that work?
    Yes. A business meeting can always get rescheduled and a flight can always be delayed. Once you know that you won't be able to make the date, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. This way, we can tell your Gemma Girl and perhaps move the date to the next day.
  • Can I also somehow end or cancel the date while being on it?
    Yes, that works. If you notice from the get-go that the two of you just aren't a match, you can cancel the date immediately. If you decide to cancel the date within the first half hour, we won't charge you anything for the date. Your Gemma Girl can also decide to cancel the date within the first half hour.
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