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The playful one

Emma is just a great sport. You meet her and you immediately feel like you have known her forever. Suddenly, everything is so simple, so easy, there is this inexplicable flow of things and you just feel comfortable all around. Life can be so beautiful. Emma will make you laugh and put the most beautiful smile on your face. Apart from art and nature, Emma is passionate about cooking and good food. If you take her out to your favorite restaurant or to one of the new spots around town, this foodie will immediately fall for you. 

This Gemma girl has not only a very relaxing aura, but very relaxing hands, too. She’s a Tantra masseuse and also enjoys giving regular massages. So in case you’ve had a tough day or a challenging week, Emma will take excellent care of you. She just knows what your body needs and which spots might be in need of some extra attention. Put on some gentle tunes and together with Emma’s gentle touch, you will simply forget about the world out there. Dream a little and just every precious moment with this Gemma Girl. 

25    1.72     brunette     brown eyes    German  English

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