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Sophia guckt verträumt aus Fenster.jpg

The Inspiring One 

It is getting later and later and the waiter is getting impatient, he wants to lock up the bar, but you are still completely absorbed in your conversation, lost track of time and place. This might just happen when you take Sophie out on a date. With her, everything feels new and exciting, and it is so easy to forget about the rest of the world. 


Perhaps it’s because Sophia is passionate and knowledge about so many things, be it theater, wine or politics. She never gets tired of exploring and discovering. Despite her incredible energy and determination, she also has something very delicate, tender and ever so precious about her. 

Her pale skin, dark curls and elegant posture make her look like a beautiful girl from a Renaissance painting. It is hard to take your eyes off her. Good thing that you may marvel at her for hours and hours and listen to her refined English prose. Perhaps you can guess where Sophia is from originally?

25    1.75    brunette     brown eyes    German /English

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