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The delicate one

Once you lay eyes on Mia, you cannot help to think about a dainty nymph. The blond hair, the long legs, the girlish face and eyes so wide that the entire world reflects in them. An irresistible innocence surrounds this Gemma girl, something inherently good, and you want nothing more than pulling her close to you and sharing everything with her. Mia is a wonderful listener and reliable keeper of all your secrets. Her calm nature will ultimately calm you, too. Slowing down and being in the moment – if this is what you are looking for, Mia might be the right girl for you. 


Mia loves the ocean and all things water in general – be it a long day at the beach, watching the sunset, taking a walk along river Spree, boat cruises or scuba diving tours. Perhaps Mia is more of a mermaid than a nymph after all. So in case your hotel room happens to have a beathing tub, Mia’s heart will start beating faster right away. And if you take her out to a spa or for a swim in the hotel pool, Mia will be overjoyed. Apart from a shared bath or swim, Mia also enjoys plenty of cuddles and slow, careful touches.  

28      1.64       dark blonde       green eyes       German  English

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