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The fee is part pocket money for your Gemma Girl and part agency commission. We want you to feel comfortable and well taken care of. To us, a good date does not start the very moment you take your Gemma Girl into your arms for the first time, but rather with the planning and exchange happening before the actual date. We want to get to know you and your wishes and expectations in order to provide you with a truly memorable experience. And if you end up of taking your Gemma Girl on a second date, we will throw a little office party out of sheer pride and joy that we've done a good job.


Our Gemma Girls are also rather fond of getting to know you and might even get to see you again after your first date. We think that it takes some time for an initial attraction and spark to develop into a feeling of closeness and intimacy. You should allow yourself and your Gemma Girl to take it slow, to perhaps take a stroll around the neighborhood, share a glass of wine or enjoy a meal before taking things to the hotel room. We prefer longer dates, ideally lasting more than two hours. So if you're planning an entire evening, an overnight, or even a weekend getaway, you've come to right place!

1/4 hour: 50 Euro

(phone call)

1 hour:  500 Euro
2 hours: 700 Euro
3 hours: 900 Euro
4 hours: 1100 Euro
6 hours: 1.400 Euro
8 hours: 1.700 Euro


longer dates on request

couple dates: plus 20 percent

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