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Become a Gemma girl

You're a good sport, your banter's strong and you have a way with men? Your looks are to die for, or to faint for, or you just feel very much confident and proud of your body and are not shy about showing that confidence? And you don't have any tattoos or piercings, or only some very barely visible ones? Then we might have a match! Maybe might perhaps. Because we don't really know each other yet. So we will go first and introduce ourselves: Hi there, we are a group of young women with different, cool and not-so-cool hobbies. We like watching Tatort, reading tarot cards, doing yoga, making trips to the countryside, complaining about the countryside, driving back to the city, planting plants we've seen in the countryside on our balconies, watering plants, going on paid dates with strangers, these kinds of things.

We don't see escorting as a full-time job, but a nice break from sometimes somewhat dull everyday life. To us, it's exciting to be meeting with men whom we probably would not have crossed paths with otherwise. We like to be reminded that the world is much bigger than our own little bubble and that Berlin is not the only inhabitable place on planet earth. We like listening to and telling stories, sitting in restaurants, strolling through exhibitions, and marveling at how quickly one can grow fond of a stranger.

Not just any stranger, obviously. We choose our clients very carefully. All impolite requests will be politely declined and rude comments will simply be ignored. We will only send you on a date if we have a good feeling about the client and think of him as a nice gentleman whom you could have a rather nice time with. Slightest doubts, faintest red flags and they are out. That being said, there are probably still plenty of questions on your mind and things you are curious about. So just fill out the form below and get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing all about you!

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