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A photo of an escort girl from the escort agency gemma girls in berlin. The girl is shown in the profile, she has brown hair that covers her entire profile and she is looking down. She is wearing a white bra, white skirt and is sitting on a table.

The sensitive one

Maybe a day has 24 hours, but Hanna doesn’t know for sure. What counts for her is the moment, merging into the here and now, the second hand standing still, a breath that catches, the big pause before life comes rushing back in full force.

Hanna loves the moment that one day will become a memory, and she especially loves sharing that moment with you. Then she’ll snuggle up to you, her curls tickling your neck and her breath warming your skin. Her heart beating against your chest, or perhaps it’s your own that’s beating so quickly and strangely all of a sudden, you can’t exactly tell any more.

Hanna likes it when you enjoy her body, her beauty and femininity, and she likes to succumb to your masculine power. Yet she enjoys being seduced by charm, intellect and stimulating conversation even more. Preferably about philosophy and psychology. So go on, search for the meaning of life with her, sense or nonsense? Find out together!

28   1.64   dark blonde   green eyes  German English

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