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Girlfriend Experience in Berlin

What we do best are Girlfriend Experiences. Our Gemma Girls are your girlfriend for one evening, one night, one morning – and perhaps for even many more days and dates to come! We enjoy the feeling of having a girlfriend, of having somebody by our side, who knows us and takes good care of us, but also find that time's usually too short to actually be building a more traditional relationship. Your Gemma Girl understands that you have a lot of appointments and meetings to attend, that you're out and about, and that your mind just might be elsewhere.


To us, a Girlfriend Experience is a simple way of enjoying intimacy and affection. We want to feel close to somebody without having to commit to anything, we want to love without sacrificing our freedom. We enjoy forgetting about the daily grind and allowing ourselves a break from all duties and tasks. A Girlfriend Experience is a way out of everyday routines, of auto-piloted rhythms and repetitive sameness.

Ein Gemma Girl schaut verträumt aus dem Fenster. Man sieht ihren zarten Rücken und sie trägt nur einen weißen Spitzen Bh mit einer engen hellblauen Jeans.

Your temporary girlfriend 

A Girlfriend Experience are delicious hours full of excitement, good energy and adventure. Of sweet anticipation, sweaty palms and beating hearts. Every date may feel all new, enticing and thrilling, just like the original first date. You and your Gemma Girl may go out and explore the city, get to know each other bit by bit and inch by inch, exchange the first careful caresses, and finally conquer the hotel bed. To us, a Girlfriend Experience is an unusual, unique and incredibly nice take on a relationship, and we want to share it with you.

Ein Gemma Girl steht am Fenster ders Balkons mit dem Blick nach draußen. Sie hat kurze Haare und trägt einen weißen Spitzen Slip. Die Sonne scheint ihr ins Gesicht. Sie sieht in dem weißen Spitzenoberteil unschuldig aus.
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