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Your escort agency
in Berlin -

for shared moments of passions and bliss, of beating hearts and electric feels, in eager anticipation of what is yet to come.

We are the Berlin escort agency for your girlfriend experience

Looking for the perfect Girlfriend Experience? Go on a date with one of our cute Gemma Girls. We are a Berlin based escort agency that offers you the ultimate Girlfriend Experience. We want you

to enjoy shared moments of intimacy and passion, of gentle caresses and sweet cuddles. All our Gemma Girls are naturally beautiful girls with that girl-next-door look and vibe to them.


A safe space

Sit back and be yourself.

Our dates offer you a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere in which you can be yourself without having to pretend.

Zeit, um frei zu sein 

Do you know when you just feel new and fresh after your date and suddenly want to climb mountains? Our dates inspire you to try new things and fulfill your wishes. 


Each of our Gemma Girls has their own special talents. Playful, romantic, sensual, seductive. Make your fantasy come true. With our natural Gemma Girls you will experience more. More fun, more desire and more feeling. 


Arrange your date 

Gemma Girls

We will help you choose your perfect Gemma Girl and also plan your date.


You can book a Gemma girlfriend date with us from 2 hours. We know many secret tips in Berlin and are happy to plan your perfect Gemma date.

Tim 40, Berlin 

"It was a wonderful meeting that felt very familiar. I'm already looking forward to seeing you again."

Daniel 37, Hamburg

"I had never tried anything like that before, I'm rather shy and not much of a woman-catcher. I felt all the more comfortable with the Gemma Girls. Great experience and would love to do it again."

Matthias 56, Berlin

"A enjoyable pastime great organization from Marika, thank you. I'm already looking forward to the next trip to Berlin."

Experience the Gemma Girls 

Danke dir. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

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