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Champagne short trip

It's Friday, early evening in Berlin, the sun is still shining slightly red from the west and I'm officially starting the weekend by having a glass of blanc de noirs order and sip with pleasure. That's the way to live!

Looking around, the international Berlin crowd everywhere, a French couple is sitting next to me, talking in sweet sensual French, while they both drink champagne and look deep into each other's eyes. With such beautiful views, I inevitably think of my last short trip to Champagne in France.

I went there for a week last year and happy to share you a few tips with a clear conscience, for example on how to spend a few special days there during the Pentecost holidays.

A champagne trip at Pentecost!

My first recommendation:

The city of Champagne Epernay

It takes at least a glass of champagne to pronounce the city's name with that seductive French accent. I took the train via Strasbourg, but you can also take the train from Paris.. Or rent a car.

Champagne Epernay is located directly at the Parc Naturel de la Montage de Reims, a green, hilly landscape surrounded by forest, where you can go hiking, cycling and walking.. But I was more interested in learning more about champagne, wanted to combine the pleasant with the useful - in Epaney it's sans souci (no problem) and so I visited some of the best champagne houses.

The champagne houses

In Champagne Epernay there are so many champagne houses that three days would not have been enough to taste them all. I took my time for five of the best houses, I didn't just want to drink champagne, I also wanted to know more about how it's made. How is the bubbles created that give you that pleasant tingling in your mouth? What distinguishes real champagne from cheap booze Prosecco ?

Yes, I think I can say that I acquired this knowledge well there. And armed with knowledge, champagne is even better enjoyed!

Mutigny to the Spa Hotel LOISIUM

A real highlight with a 200 percent feel-good vibes. The hotel is surrounded by a green sea of grapevines. Wake up in the morning and the sun squints and immediately dip into the azure blue pool.

Breakfast outside or inside surrounded by a stylish, modern design in Gemma colours. Here the Gemma Girl would define herself on a date feel good.


ou can drink champagne or wine just as generously as the light shines through the hotel's large windows.

My little daydream is interrupted by the French couple next to me, who are now kissing wildly, having spilled a glass. We exchange glances and laugh.

I finish my champagne and enjoy the last tickle in my mouth. Now I feel like going to the Champagne again!



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