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A photo of an escort girl from the escort agency gemma girls in berlin. The girl is sitting on a table in profile, behind her a mirror which reflects her image. she has brown long her which are made in brades. she is wearing a striped shirt, a white slip and pink socks. her gaze is looking down and shows her profile.

The elegant one

Lola is at home in the cities of this world. Be it Berlin, Paris or New York, she’s in love with the energy that makes these places feel so vibrant. She could take endless walks, explore and discover for days and just get carried away by all those small adventures, coincidences and unplanned moments. When meeting Lola, you will be immediately enchanted by her delicate features and the flow of her luscious hair. Beyond her captivating appearance, you will encounter a woman full of curiosity, empathy and drive. Lola is just beautiful inside out. 

You can talk about literally everything with Lola, her interests span countless topics, but if you happen to be interested in sports of any kind, you will tick a big box. There’s probably not a single fitness exercise this Gemma girl hasn’t tried yet. Feminine elegance meets athletic strength. What an irresistible combo! And in the same feminine, elegant way, Lola will be happy to take the lead – in case this is something you desire. Just let go, relax and enjoy life with Lola to its fullest. 

29    1.64     brunette     brown eyes    German /English

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