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A photo of an escort girl from the escort agency gemma girls in berlin. The girl is sitting on a bench, frontal and shown full body. her legs a spread to both sides and her arms are up, fingers touching each other. she has blond hair that are put together in the back and she is looking to the left side, showing her profile. she is wearing colorful leggins and a beige short top.

The creative one

This Gemma Girl is full of positive energy and lives life to the fullest. Even in the most crowded restaurant, you will be able to hear her charming laughter and cannot help but start smiling yourself. Charlotte believes that there is good in the world, loves to meditate and is a certified yoga instructor.


Hence her stunning body, being both strong and feminine at the same time. To Charlotte the human body is a gift, which ought to be cherished and explored sensuously and sensually. This Gemma Girl is definitely not shy and always speaks her mind. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it.


Charlotte loves taking long walks in the countryside and enjoys an evening spent outside. Especially when the evening continues with a good glass of wine, longing desire and flying sparks. This Gemma Girl is always up for trying new things, she likes to experiment and values openness along with deep, authentic conversations.

30         1,65          blonde         green eyes        German  English

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