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an escort girl in berlin with blond hair on a bed looking next to the camera, next to her a red flower

The cuddly one

Her curls delicately float down her neck and gently fall onto her shoulders. Her movements are smooth and soft, her body light and tender, she almost seems to be floating across space. Maya radiates a magic calm, which makes you slow down, rest up and recharge your batteries.


This Gemma Girl is as cuddly as a small kitten and loves it when you stroke and caress her and give her all your attention. She might seem a little shy, even reserved, at first. But once you've gained her trust, she won't leave your side.


With Maya you can leave behind everyday life and enjoy a gentle, sensual evening. Because she does not wear her heart on her sleeve and ponders a lot, this Gemma Girl is surrounded by an almost mystic aura. Maya loves getting spoiled and appreciates a partner who assumes control.

27       1.62        redhead          brown eyes        German  English

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